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Hemp Confused - What is CBD and how does it work?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Police Officer: “How high are you?” Pothead: “No Officer it’s” “Hi, how are you?”

What you will get from reading this Blog… • CBD and some Legalities • How CBD can help with Stress • Something natural and healthy for Anxiety and Depression • What kind of pain Hemp can aid you with

Friend: “You could go to Jail for weed” Stoner: “What! Jail sells weed?”

CBD And It's Legality

The use of Industrial Hemp is becoming more popular for the treatment of many medical symptoms. Grown specifically for this purpose, and intensely monitored, the CBD extracted from agricultural Hemp is legal under Federal law if it contains less than 0.3% THC in the USA and less than 0.2% in the UK (the chemical that gives you a ‘high’). Once harvested, it is processed down into an oil to be used safely in many products.

Hemp And Stress

Stressed out? Are you finding it hard to sleep, and waking up throughout the night with conflicting thoughts of all you need to achieve to stay on top of everything? Are you waking up in the morning after a fitful sleep, not feeling rested, knowing you’re going to struggle to get through the day? STOP! Before you start. Relax and allow the Cannabidiol’s (CBD) ability to act on the brains’ receptors for Serotonin (that feel-good factor) to take effect. Feel your stress calmly dissolve away, allowing your mind and mood to regulate itself, without the worry of any psychoactive cannabinoids (THC-found in Cannabis) which can alter your perception and consciousness, thus disrupting your need of calm in the heights of stress. Whatever your day and wherever you’re going, hemp can help you stay calm and focused on-the-go.

The Hemp in Pocket Gummies is Premium quality and combines the benefits of L-Theanine which has similar benefits

Hemp For Anxiety And Depression

Do you suffer from anxiety and depression? Are you finding it difficult to organize your life, trying to find the hours to fit it all in? Keeping the home tidy, the kids occupied, running around frantically, making sure everyone else is happy before getting yourself off to work? STOP! And take a breather Yes! That is all it takes, as the 10mg isolated Hemp infused gummies start to work and you begin to feel your anxiety defuse. No need to go to the pharmacist (as if you have the time!) looking for a chemically enhanced drug, many of which contain side effects that can do you more harm than good. You do not want to fill your mind and body with chemicals. Op-in to try Premium sourced Hemp combined with L-Theanine as your possible solution to what you're going through.

Look for 100% Vegan made, clean good-for-you ingredients. Capsule form, oil or Gummy with a real fruit pectin base and only natural colors and flavors. Many confess to it helping them stay calm and focused on-the-go.

Hemp for Pain

Are you in constant Pain? Is that headache all-consuming, and you’re finding it impossible to concentrate on anyone or anything? Is that niggling spasm in your lower back preventing you from doing even the most menial of tasks? Or is your arthritis making every day a struggle? STOP! And let yourself give in to the healing properties of HEMP, as it lessens the pains’ responses, reducing inflammation and effectively interacting with neurotransmitters to dissipate the pain. Allow yourself the indulgence of natural healing, so you’re ready to take your next step painlessly.

What do you call someone who smokes the Forest of Feelings? I Don’t Care Bears

Here at Pocket Gummies, we’re dedicated to delivering a high quality and safe HEMP that you can take with you anywhere and at any time. Enjoy, stay calm, and stay focused!

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