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Pocket Gummies Box

Keeping you calm and focused On-The-Go



Pocket Gummies are a Vegan, Gluten Free, American made and shipped gummy that comes in a convenient on-the-go pouch.

Each box contains 15 child-proof pouches with four gummies in each which accounts for 1-2 days of greater calm.

Pocket Gummies have been used by many people affected by different things.

We hope they help you like they have helped others.

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All-Natural - Vegan - Gluten Free - USA Made



Per Gummy:

Calories = 8

Iron = 1mg

Carbohydrates = 3g

Total Sugars = 2g

Protein = 1g

Vitamin D = 100mcg

Vitamin C = 5mg

Vitamin B12 = 2mg

Biotin = 5mg

Vitamin B6 = 0.5mg

Folate = 100mcg

Pantothenic Acid = 2mg

Vitamin B3 = 5mg


L-Theanine = 60mg

Magnesium = 20mg

Other Extracts = 10mg

15 On-The-Go Pouches

No matter where you are, you're covered!


Pocket Gummies pouches fit conveniently in your pocket - any pocket.

Place a pouch in your:

  • Pants pocket

  • Backpack pocket

  • Desk drawer

  • Car compartment tray

  • Handbag

  • Kitchen

  • Living room

  • Dining room

  • Bedroom

Have a pouch somewhere else? Let us know via social media! Simply tag @pocketgummies and we will repost your post!

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