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Step 4: Start promoting and GET paid

Program Benefits

  • 100% commission on all profit made by you - yes, you get paid every penny made minus the production costs for LIFE!

  • Unlimited time tracking coupon created especially for you - this coupon can be your name or your organizations name and offers your followers 15% Off Pocket Gummy

  • A gummy that would be #1 on the top charts list; if there were a top charts for a HEMP Gummy brand

  • United States HEMP market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2020 and $22 billion by 2022

  • Regular updates on new products and access to high-res images upon request


Pocket Gummy Vegan HEMP gummy Specifications:

100% vegan
Made with clean, good-for-you-ingredients, like a real fruit pectin base and natural colors and flavors
Produced in a certified Kosher, allergen-free, organic, and pharmaceutical-grade facility
Non-psychoactive 0.0% THC (won’t get you high)
10 mg isolated hemp (organically grown in the USA) per gummy
Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill
Researched by top PhD scientists, plant molecular biologists, and medical experts

Tongue tingling flavors with benefits that could span multiple pages


Search Policy

We encourage affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not run any paid advertisements targeting our trademarked name, our domain name, or misspellings or variations of these. "Pocket Gummy" may be used in your personal promotion and 100% true paid ads. "Pocket Gummy" must not, however, be used in any printed media without prior written approval.

What Now?

It's time for you to sign up if you haven't already...

Make sure you agree to the following before submitting!

"I promise to promote "Pocket Gummy" in a fair and ethical way, that is true to my understanding. I have done some research on "Pocket Gummy" and believe it is a good product to push to the public in order to help combat Anxiety and other health related issues people may be facing in their lives."

That's it! You'll be vetted and setup within 24hrs (usually) depending on the size of the affiliate on-boarding queue.

You'll also receive the best discount available for Pocket Gummy which is a 30% off coupon. You are also encouraged to take advantage of the FREE STUFF button located at the top of this page.

To your gargantuan success!


- Gummy Sean (Founder)

Pocket Gummy is a leading direct-to-consumer HEMP brand with an obsessively researched and fan-favorite miracle product: vegan HEMP gummy bears with all natural flavors and colors that fit inside your pocket to combat life with you


Amidst an ocean of the latest HEMP/CBD products arising on the market during a largely unregulated trade, Pocket Gummy stands out for its effectiveness and instantly recognizable branding that boasts a good cause for humanity at its core.

Due to the legal complexities preventing in-depth cannabis research and high-quality clinical studies and trials within the U.S., Pocket Gummy's team work hand in hand with a medical and scientific community in the USA that are at the forefront of medical cannabis research and have the latest technology at their fingertips to produce the healthiest and most pure ingredients to better serve our humane diet for a good, long, tasty life.

Beyond offering a best-in-class HEMP product, Pocket Gummy's primary mission is to help combat #ANXIETY by offering a humane made solution that's easy to carry On-The-Go. 

Anxiety affects us all at different times and with different levels of strength.

Our product was created to fight anxiety and stress, helping every human being maintain a more perfect balance in their day to day lives. 


Pocket Gummy is always a reach away, so that strong onslaughts of anxiety can be kept at bay. Keeping calm and confident is now a couple of chews away. Increased focus and attention are some side effects coming you way! 

Oh... and did you notice the Biotin content of this gummy? It's great for your Hair, Skin, and Nails too!

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