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Chill out.

It's 0% THC


Pocket Gummies

Keeping you calm and focused on-the-go


Safe • Delicious • Effective

Discover Balanced Happiness & Focus

Based on research being done*

+ L-theanine

Better mental focus

Improved immune system

Complex formula combats stress

I was hit my a panic attack. I wasn't sure how to handle it until I realized I had Pocket Gummies in my backpack. 10 minutes after chewing one, I felt normal again and was able to focus - Derrick


Is This You

Maybe you're a parent, under pressure, feeling overwhelmed

Maybe you're in college, stressed out, losing focus, always anxious

Maybe you're an Entrepreneur or E-Gamer looking to excel and get ahead of others and desire an edge, an improved focus...

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l theanine gummies testimonial_edited.png

See the light

take a breath, Pocket Gummies have come to help. We cannot wait for you to experience the magical effects of this world-class gummy.


Your shelter, your stone

make Pocket Gummies part of your home


the benefits! These ingredients have been tested and proven effective for numerous things

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Meet the Gummy Bears

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"Being positive brings me good fortune. I have OPTIMISM"

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"I get out of problems easily. I have a lot of FAITH"

Why Are Pocket Gummies
Becoming So Popular Now?






If you don't feel better after Pocket Gummies, we'll give you your money back!

Pocket Gummies are unique when it comes to its high-quality proprietary blend of body balancing ingredients* with L-Theanine and B Vitamins. People have reported feeling its positive effects after their very first gummy.

100% all-natural, Vegan, Gluten-Free, USA made ingredients!


Support your mind and body with these naturally healthy and delicious Gummy Supplements!

They taste so Good… It’s Easy to Remember to Take Your Gummies!

Consistency is key to anything worthwhile, and this is a healthy habit that is easy to form!

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Why Pocket Gummies
Gummy Bear Ingredients

What does Pocket Gummy Contain?


Magnesium: A mineral that supports hundreds of chemical reactions in your body. However, many people get less than they need. Magnesium supplements have been shown to enhance exercise performance in several studies and it may help fight depression. Magnesium was shown to help lower blood pressure in people with elevated levels without affecting those with normal levels.

L-Theanine: A compound that occurs naturally in green tea and black tea; also available inside Pocket Gummy. Research suggests that L-theanine might provide a range of health benefits, which may include improved mental focus and better sleep quality. Researchers found that people who took 100 milligrams (mg) of L-theanine made fewer errors in an attention task than those in the placebo group. Combining 50 mg of caffeine with L-theanine was shown to improve people's focus even more.

Tea Leaves

Other Extracts: Ethically extracted plant oils that millions are taking world-wide to aid in natural health and well-being recovery. It's a magical complex and the cherry on top!

And even more amazing ingredients...

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Taylor Swift takes the ingredient L-Theanine for helping her deal with Stress.

Organic Extracts

100% Natural

Quality Guaranteed!

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Fluffy and light. These soft, chewable bears melt in your mouth and excite your

taste buds

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Tropical Fruits
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"I can't believe how convenient this is!

I have a packet in my pocket

A packet in my desk drawer

Packets scattered in my bag

And a packet I just gave to a friend!"

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It's all-natural and incredibly effective!

Fits easily in your pocket!

Great for sharing!

Great for On-The Go people

Like you!


“Fantastic product. It works for mood swing, tiredness, and anxiety. It also made its mark on my insomnia. People complain I get angry easily. These gummies really make me calm and focused. My coworkers have noticed a change in my attitude. I relate with people better and think straight. I will continue to use this product.” 


—  Jonny, Maiden

Our Mission:

Shipping is always free! And $1 from every sale is invested into Mental Health Awareness.

At Pocket Gummy; we are very concerned about the longevity of our human race and would love to be a contributing factor of helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives. 

It’s our dream to help the world thrive on this planet with positivity and good health. People should be passing beyond these realms from old age; not disease - that research is now able to prove more often it being related to diet and poorly approved toxic ingredients.

We think not only about short term benefits; however, long term benefits too. 

The majority, if not all of the products you commonly find online, contain substances such as Adipic Acid, Synthetic Food Coloring and other mildly toxic substances which we found many manufacturers slipped into supplement/gummy ingredients in order to create cheaper products that they themselves or other sellers could sell for an increased profit on the market…


We noticed this and said “Not us! - this needs to change! People should not be delivered anything that could compound over time resulting in damage to their bodies.”


That’s one reason, Pocket Gummy landed on planet earth...

We’re here to set a new standard of health, education and research for the human race.


That is why our products contain only GOOD ingredients that you are able to digest every day, while feeling great in the moment, tomorrow, and even greater ten years from now.


You have one life to live on this planet. Make it your best life.


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